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Primary Source

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Library of Congress.  Uncle Sam’s balance sheet … That terrible eclipse … [The American Protective Tariff League, 1900]. Originally published in Washington, 1900.  and

This Source is a diagram comparing the fiscal responsibility of the two major parties in competing in 1900.  What interests me most for my topic are the two images of Uncle Sam – One “Republican” and one “Democrat.”

The Source was created in 1900 By the American Protective Tariff League, presumably to help advertise for a number of national campaigns.  I got the impression (though I could find little information on it) that the American Protective Tariff League was a lobby organization that was focused on fiscal responsibility in the early 1900’s.  This source was published around a national campaign.

I will use this source’s images of Uncle Sam and compare them to others over the years that followed to see how the image was used, and how it was changed.

The fact that I found it difficult to find information on the American Protective Tariff League means that I may not be able to know the background and ideas that created the poster, and therefore might have troubles placing it in a category, depending on what exactly I decide to focus on in my paper.